Need help to know if my board will bring me up hills

I live in a very hilly place around 20-30% gradient. I’m wondering will a 280kv motor with a 2:1 pulley ratio pull a 160 pound guy up thowse hills or would a 3:1 ratio be better

6s battery 2x 5000mah 59mm wheels 120a esc 10T:20T I think 16mm witdh timing belt

What voltage? What size wheels? VESC? Gearing? (ex. 15t to 36t) We need to know a lot more

Also, a 2:1 ratio probably won’t be enough to get you up anything more than 15% assuming your using 9mm belt

I updated the post

Try this You can put all your specs in there and play with them. Even the steepness of your hill.

I had a similar scenario, I am about 10kg lighter, went for 10s, 13t/36t and mono 190kv 6374 with Kegel wheels. Works really well, can accelerate up most hills.

He’s not using 190kv and he has a higher gear ratio than you, he will not get up hills.

I know, thats why I shared a setup that I know works for hilly areas.

You need around a 3:1 ratio to get up a hill that steep and at least two motors to move up a hill with 30% incline. 30% is steep. There is no way you live around hills that steep unless it San Francisco, Los Angeles, or New Zealand.

I live in ireland :stuck_out_tongue: