Need help troubleshooting unknown e-skate

I do not know the name of this skateboard it’s hidden under the grip tape. Can someone help me with what I’m working on so I can update my title? What are the firsts steps to troubleshooting this ecu. It’s become a diy as things kept braking.

Why not explain whats wrong with it…otherwise my advice is replace everything

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First one of the hubs died and then it wouldn’t stay on altogether. I noticed the power button wires were loose but while looking all four broke off and I don’t know how they attach to the back of the switch. Red black and two green. Green wires I’m guessing are for the light on the switch. The original power button looks like this. It has four prongs on the rear

Im verry new to this topic but in your case (i dont know your Budget so im not sure) i would replace esc, remote and anti spark switch and just reuse hubs deck and battery. Ps. It would make mor sense for the two green wires to be the switch wires beacause they dont have any polarity but the led does have polarity, and so do the red and black wires.

The board says it’s a 28v rollogan brand. The kits online are 24 and 34v or something. Which one should I get?

I got the 70 dollar controller and remote from eBay. It powers up and the wheels spin for abojt a second before it beeps and shuts down

Will these two work together?


29.4V battery and 2x350W motors.

ECU: 36V 12A. Maximum power 430W