Need help upgrading my board to go faster and climb hills better

I purchased a riptide r1 over 3 years ago and the board treated me great. Recently I had a truck snap in half while going 20mph downhill. I ended up fixing the trucks, finding a better mound, and now my board runs better than ever except for one thing. I would like to make me board faster and with more torque so that I can use it to commute places more often. While I will admit I am very lucky to be able to have an electric skateboard I would like to be able to keep servicing the board more many years to come. To make my board faster + have more torque informed me to upgrade from a 6s to a 10s battery. They also told me that instead of buying a new esc that I can simply do a small re-solder to make the esc 10s compatible. I would like to know if anyone can help me find the right way to upgrade my battery and if I can just to a small solder to go form 6s to 10s. Also after extensive searches online (maybe I don’t know where to look) I only found one battery that appears similar to the one I have but with a 10s spec (meet) and same dimensions as the current battery. I have tried contacting meepo about the battery multiple times only to get 1-2 random nonsense emails that looked like someone sat on a keyboard and respond that way. Another problem is that the riptide r1 has a small battery and esc casing. I would be willing to get a new casing if I could find one to fit the small board the riptide has.

Conclusion: Can anyone help me find out if the meepo’s V3 standard will fit in my riptide and increase the power, If I am correct that battery is 10s ??

Can anyone inform me on if I need a new esc just because I have a 10s battery now, my esc works just find and I was informed that I could simply re solder the esc??

If I cannot find a stronger battery to replace the one I have could I stack another battery in the middle of the board on top, coat it in rubber to keep it dry, and drill a new hole so the battery can be connected to the other?

The first option to me sounds the most logical but I have tried for months to get a response out of them and they will not budge, and I am not too informed at what the numbers on batteries mean. I know the normal variables like watts and voltage but I do not know how to tell if to batteries are equal power, stronger, or weaker. All I want is a 10s battery to fit my riptide and to know for sure if switching to 10s is a simple solder. I do have 2 escs so. I may practice on one of them before I start because it has been a couple years since I soldered extra metal to the antennas of my remote control helicopters.

Sorry for the lengthy post but I wanted to make sure I describe the situation the best I can, I simply would like to upgrade to 10s or 12s (idk if 12s is bigger but if 10s beats 6s it must be). Find out if I need a new esc or if I can just solder mine. Find out if I need a higher output charger now or if the 6s charger can do it but just slower. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum, @Aruffing.

Definitely stick with the 10s option rather than going with 12s. Just out of curiosity whats the kv ratings on your motor(s)?

It does sound like you’ll need a new charger that can handle 10s or better. Since you’re upgrading the battery, look for one that is compatable, and research the BMS included in that battery and make sure you understand its specs and how it functions. Specifically if the BMS does active balancing which is moving current from one cell to the next or if it balances by using resistors to turn extra current on the highest state of charge cells into heat.

Stacking another battery on top sounds like quite the hassle and you’d end up with either 6s by putting them in parallel or 12s by putting them in series. To make matters worse you’d have one pack thats already well cycled and one brand new pack and that can cause issues.