Need help urgently

The board I had started out with flipsky trucks and motor mount and the couldn’t hold the motor in place for shit…now I switched to a caliber truck and motor mount but kept the flipsky gears on the wheel/motor and the wheel gear is just grinding the truck and if I put all 6 screws threw the wheel to tighten the gear to the wheel it contorts something and the wheel cannot spin at all. In test riding, I got it spinning kinda freely but definitely still grinding, after a bit, the entire belt was stripped down to no nubs for the gears to catch on. So now I have a board with no way of working. Do I need to get a new gear set or is there something else that needs to be done. I don’t want to keep throwing more and more money at this.

Do you have at least one speed ring between the hanger and pulley bearing?

Post pictures, more info is better.

Are you tightening the screws in a star pattern to avoid any weird angled loads? Do you have a spacer between your bearings? Do you have speed rings? Can you use a file or grinder/dremel to remove the high spots that your pulley is hitting? Can you tell what the pulley is hitting specifically?

This is what I have, well what it was before it ruined the belt. I only have bearings in the wheels and yes I have speed rings on either side of the wheel. I have a spacer between the bearings in the drive wheel. I’m not sure what to do.

How tight is/was the belt?

It wasn’t insanely tight, just enough give on the tension.



The silver on the gear is all the grinding locations…

How much of a gap is there on the motor pulley?

Between the mount and the gear? That’s shown in one of the pictures above, it’s fairly close but not touching it.

I posted this on the other forum to see if anyone else has ideas.

Possible for you to remove the pulley, place it over the hanger and take a top down photo or video?

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The guys on the other forum were able to help me out a lot faster

It shifts after and hits the sides when I move it with my hand

If someone says something on the other forum please dm me or add to this thread please.

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we can’t do that. we will get banned here ( not a bad thing lol). join the other forum is an option :wink: I still don’t understand how the belt got destroyed. can you explain differently?

When I put the new trucks on and mounted up the new motor mount, when I rode it, it was making a grinding sound and the whole motor/gear mechanism was making god awful noises. The motor mount is so secure it ain’t ever gonna move so that’s not the issue, I don’t understand why the gear is grinding on the truck/mount plus the belt literally being ripped apart.

do you have spare belt? if so put that on and put your board on a bench and bench test it. don’t go fast. just observe where the noise is coming from and film it if possible. it is hard for us to know because we don’t have it in front of us and we are just as confused as you are

Lol you got a good point…I do not have a spare belt…

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Do you think I need more space between the mount and gear?

Sounds like maybe the pulley isn’t perfectly centered on the wheel and as it orbits, it hits the hanger?

I’d try just taking a file to the high spots on the hanger and see if that improves things.

That, or maybe putting the hanger in a lathe and turning it down to accept a third bearing to support the pulley.

Depending on the design of the wheel core and how well the pulley is located by its screws, the belt tension may be pulling the pulley off center which is causing the friction.

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