Need help whad did I do wrong

I connected the stuff and when I switched the power switch it just blew the connector off, and almost burned the whole house down

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Nobody here can help with using that RC ESC I think, maybe an RC forum.

I might suggest you start anew, plan and budget out a proper esk8 build and see what we have to say

Kinda sounds like you might have wired it improperly. From the very limited description and your video that doesn’t show anything useful, No one can give helpful advice. Without a wiring diagram, pictures of your connections how are we supposed to trouble shoot?

First I plun in both batteries I to the xt60 connectors which are wired in series but, the plus and minus are not yet connected then I plug in 1 red bullet connector into the plus then the second Into the minus

Are you sure the batteries are in series? It’s hard to see on the video. Could also be parallel and the moment you connected the switch you just shorted the batteries.

Those 2 red connectors then connect into plus and minus

Might have just been my crapy soldering One of the battery wires blew off

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Any pics of your soldering joints or any of the rest of your setup? Still can’t tell much from that pic

Tough to tell from that video…