Need help with $700 - $800 part list

I live in a fairly flat area.And coming close to giving up trying to do this. Could I possible get a full part list of everything I need for an electric skateboard IN THIS PRICE RANGE. :slight_smile:

I currently weigh 120 pounds No soldering tools or any of those things. I want a range of something around 12+ miles I don’t need that much speed for my board just more than 20 mph I do want a decent deck possibly around $70 or $100

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Do. Your. Research. Please. There is a search button. Also you should understand how the board works before ordering the parts. This forum is an amazing place with more information than you’ll ever need so before your first build try spending a good 5+ hours getting to understand the basics of a project like this.


Well I’ve spent over 17 hours researching on youtube videos this website and the reddit.

I’ve tried looking for an easy assemble part list for my price range but couldn’t find anything.

I’m glad that you’ve done research! Then what I would say is use that knowledge that you’ve gained and the search button to see other builds done in your range. I guarantee you that if you didn’t find anything, you haven’t really been looking. Here’s a quick boost:

-Without a soldering iron this will be extremely difficult. My advice: buy one for 30$ and practice for a bit. It’s well worth the money and the skill is helpful beyond esk8ing. -For safety, don’t use Lipos. Go with a li-ion battery (8s4p) from @barajabali, his work is well known around the forum and the price may be high but that correlates directly with the quality and difficulty of his craft -20mph means you can use hub motors, but using a drive kit from @torqueboards may be easier. I’ve purchased both his hub motor and his belt drive kit, the hub had several problems but the belt drive kit is absolutely bulletproof (seriously, I can’t praise it enough. I have abused that drive kit in every way and have never even had to use loctite or adjust it). Go with 16:36 gear ratio, 50mm config, 83mm wheels -Get a 50mm 200-270Kv motor from hobby king, they are cheap but work well -Get a VESC from torque boards or ollinboardco

So following your advice (I don’t have contact with Bara atm so using the standard battery

Then I have the DIY’s single motor kit with 50mm motors 83mm wheels and 16T pulley’s. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-single-motor-mechanical-kit/m

I’m pretty sure this is a 50mm motor as well and should work right?

Then i decided to go with this vesc due to it being cheaper. diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/

What else should I get for the board I currently have all of this in a google sheet.

diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/torqueboards-2-4ghz-nano-remote-controller/ I have this for controller

Is there anyway I could make this build like a boosted’s by putting components away from the middle so it can still flex?

Yes, there is, but I’m not going to link it here because I have faith that you can find many examples of it using the search function. I’m not trying to be a dick about this, just trying to get newer members into the habit of using tools that the forum provides. Also the motor that you linked is a 63mm motor, which is fine as it is actually more powerful but make sure to order your mount kit in 63mm if you use it

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What am i missing? and i threw away that whole boosted board thingie. (PS I don’t have any connectors or anything so if I need to buy any other connectors or anything please list them)

The lipos you linked are each 2s. They aren’t usable and won’t get you the range you want. If you really have your mind set on lipos (please keep in mind they aren’t very safe and are annoying to charge) go for at least 2 x 4s 8000mah lipos so that you have 8s in total. OR - take my recommendation:

Also for connecters the chiboards battery comes with and xt60 connector I believe so get a few of those

Alright so I would’ve added the 2 lipos. I would’ve added chiboard’s batteries but they don’t fit my budget at all. What type of battery charger should i pick up for these? Also im doing this from nearly nothing since i’ve lost some stuff from moving. so what other things should i pick up along with these items?

If you are going the LiPo route then use an Imax B6 V2 charger with them. And if you are using lipos you’ll need an on/off switch as well. Search the forum for “Xt90 anti spark”

Honestly you could probably build a decent single belt from DIY(Torqueboards) in that price range. I remember Dexter sent me a list breakdown of all recommended and necessary parts and I believe the complete build price was just under $800 with a 10s3p pack minus the deck, which can be found cheaply anywhere. Just my $0.02


That is a 63mm motor as marked by the 6364 in the title. You want a motor that says 50xx so 50 as the first 2 numbers then hopefully 63 or 74 or something like that for the second 2 numbers.

Thanks for that information

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Yes I could but i want a pretty good deck that fits my price range as well is this the connector you were talking about?

Yes, that is what you need for the on/off switch. For other connectors you’ll need pairs of xt60 connectors

This guy right here will dumb it down for guys like us.

This is the battery I got.

I’m literally your weight but I use 190 kV. Works pretty good. I built it 2 weeks ago and only tested it 3 times. I’m waiting for my xt-90 connector then I will be out testing it more often. If you need help, let me know. I’m new too so I’ll explain everything I could.

What type of connectors did you put in your build??

this is what i have so far what else do i need?

First, don’t go for the single motor kit. Buy independent parts and do it yourself. TRUST ME. I have no idea about longboard or electricity and I did it. Helmet. You can go to your thrift store and find them. Or bike shop. If not, find something cheaper IMO. Battery TWO 2s 8000 mAh. NOPE 4s won’t even turn your motor if I’m not mistaken. Deck - just get a blank deck man and customize it if you want to save money because I saw your list and your missing a few thing. Like balance charger to CHARGE your batteries, threadlocker, power adapter for your balance charger. THE VIDEO I posted for you will give you a good idea. Get a different remote controller if you want to cut down the cost. There are more materials you need but if you get the stuff I show you it should be about $650.

Here’s my parts 6 zippy compact 3s 5000 mAh batties ~ $210 190 Kv - 90 VESC w/ male connnector - 102 Motor mount - 60 Pulley combo - 48 Remote control - 60 Blank wood deck - 50 Caliber trucks - 41 for both trucks Flywheels and bearings - 28 Balance charger - 47 Skateboard screws for the trucks - 6 Adapter for your balance charger - 10 Grip - 3

Plus other accessories which is about 750 ish

You gotta be careful of which connector does your battery have because you can’t connect in series in a certain type of battery so you gotta get the series cable like the guy in the video. And it has to match the xt-90 female connect that comes with your vesc if you bought them off DIY. So let me know before you purchase them because I can make sure you don’t buy extra shit like I did. HAHA