Need help with batteries!

So Im currently planning my project and after some feedback, I’ve realised that im a bit unsure about the batteries…

I was initially looking at building a 10s2p back with 25r, then someone recommended to build it with 30Q instead so I started looking into it more!

I’m looking to build a board that has 10-15 km range.

I’ve also looked into building with Samsung 30T Instead since they can handle more current. I also looked at 40T but they seem a bit too expensive…

Im going to build a single 6355 190KV setup with orangatang wheels geared for 30-35 km/h

I’ve also heard that the batteries play a role in the regenerative breaking…

Can someone please help me to clarify this?

What battery pack are a good choice for a decent range and won’t overheat when I pull a lot of current at acceleration and hills!

I’m going to use this as a general commuter for university.

Here is a link to my project

All of your questions are common knowledge so let me give you a small advice:

Credit to @anon64938381


Your voltage will determine your speed. Your nominal amp will determine your range. Your maximum current ( amp output ) will determine your acceleration. Thats a simplified explanations from my understanding.

Search for a calculator on the forum, it will tell you how your battery and motors will do…but 10s2p 25R will match your motor and take you 20km

Yeah, ive might have been a bit unclear in my text sorry,

Those things i undernstand, what are your thoughts about building a 10s2p with 30Q or the same pack with 30T?

Will i get alot better breaking with the 30T or will de 30Q be good enough?

so the peak pulse current would be 40 amps < 5 sec, that would mean i could pull 80 amps for a short time and lets say that my motor would be rated for max 80 amps… do you think im having to small of a margin and would i have problems with overheating?

Im turning to you guys since i dont have any experience with this


No 6355 will be rated for 80A, the best (MayTech and their equivalents) are 65A max

Go look at the data sheets for all the cells but 30Q will do 20A continuous and 25R will to 30A continuous…you can burst at 1.5x continuous in general, 3p 30Q or 2p 25R will have similar performance

Okay right, so that would mean that 25R would work… what are your thoughts on which ones to go with?

but do you have any experience with the breaking side?

any battery config that would be better?

30T might be a little overkill?

Add gearing into the mix. Voltage + gearing determine top speed and acceleration.

As a 25r rider, go with 30Q. If you want less capacity but higher amp output (25r says 20A, but sag is INSANE) go with VTC5A, cheap on nkon.

If it’s a campus board then 10s2p 30Q will be enough…you don’t need all that power. I am running dual cheap 350W hubs on a 10s2p of fake 30Q cells and it’s definitely enough to get around…I get about 8 miles in each day and charge it every night

Don’t get 25R…but VTC5 is a good option if you want hella startup torque

Shit I was thinking about the VTC5 specs then

Right that is also one thing why @brenternet recommended the 30T, so the sag would be less…

why VTC5A?

Vtc is 2.6Ah 30A continuous

VTC5A are rated at 35A, or 25A conservatively and sag is considerably less than 30Q even, with capacity and cycle life better than 25R. 25Rs sag a TON more than even 30Q let alone VTC5A with less capacity than any of them. I got my VTC5As from nkon for $3.60 a cell after taking shipping into account.

Im not an extremly experienced longboard rider, i just want to have a nice smooth board that have the power! If you look at my project topic you can see what my plans are, i wanted to build a dual drive but since i dont have that money now i might just add another motor later

If I remember correctly nkon cannot ship to sweden where i live! :confused:

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Nooooooo!!! Damn. Such good prices.

IMR batteries?

Look at prices then. 25R cells aren’t horrible. If you find they are significantly cheaper for you, they aren’t a bad option, especially if your going to pay over double for 30Q for example.