Need help with building my 12s8p battery

I’m building a new board with the following specs, and need to figure out how many amps I’m going to be pulling, so I can build my battery accordingly.

4wd street board:

  • 12s8p molicel p42a @ 240~320a total continuous, could go higher for instantaneous. Bms only for charging.
  • 2x dual flipsky esc 6.6+
  • 4x flipsky 6374 190kv
  • 16t/40t with 120mm cloudwheels

Vesc settings: (still undecided)

  • 80a battery amps (each) 320a total
  • 80-100a motor amps (each) 320-400a total

I want to figure out how many amps I’ll be pulling from the battery when I ride, both average and peak amps when I ride on a smooth flat ground and on a steep hill. I need this data to figure out how many nickel strip to put per connection. Any help is appreciated, feel free to ask any other questions about the build, or any comments. I will be posting progress on my instagram @schaeo if anyone cares.

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Welcome to the ESK8 forum @Schaeo.

240a sounds like a lot. Unless you’re towing a baby rhino. :grinning:

I suspect your continuous amp draws will be well under 100a with maybe some peaks above that during acceleration and up hills. I’m still a noob though, and some more expert advice is bound to follow.

This might help as well.

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The series amounts to your voltage, but the parallel amounts to your amps. Meaning, multiply the 8 (from 8p) by the amount of amps from one of the batteries. For example, 8 times 3.3 amps would be 26.4 continuous amps, which is really good. You are really planning for peak amps not what’s normally there. The watts are from each battery times the total number of batteries you have, which is 96. Assuming you have 10 watt batteries, your board would throw 960 watts, which is also good.