Need help with circlip

Just started assembling the trucks and the motor mount after receiving the parts yesterday. With the motor, I can’t seem to figure out where to put the circlip on my motor (probably a noob issue haha). Are the two set screws on the motor pulley and the keyway sufficient to prevent the pulley from slipping?

My motor is a Torqueboards 6374 190KV motor.

Is anyone able to help me?

Use locktite, the set screws and the keyway and the pulley will never move.

Why do you have the circlip off the motor?

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Some motors come with an extra circlip for putting on the end of the shaft as a pulley retainer.


@luckyfungxd The circlip goes at the very base of the shaft sticking out of the motor. There are going to be one or two washers between the circlip and the motor. Both of those washers are visible in the photo you uploaded, but I’m curious why they circlip wasn’t already installed. You do not want to run that motor without the circlip

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You can see the clip on my motor

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The TB motor shaft has a collar made on it. It replaces the circlip after the bearing. Unfortunately this collar also prevents the pulley from going closer to the motor.

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@mmaner @PatRocks

When I opened the box, the circlip was just dangling around on the keyway shaft so I didn’t really know what to do.

So is the circlip not necessary since the collar is in place? I did realise that I wasn’t able to push the pulley closer to the motor unlike other people I’ve seen assembling their motors.

Was it dangling in the slot at the end of the shaft? Where the outer edge of the pulley would be?

Nah it was just sitting at the top of the collar where the shaft begins. It’s not clipped on or anything, it’s just there pretty loosely as you can see.

Directly after the motor bearing that you can see in your picture you need to have that little brass looking washer, followed by the circlip. That spacer and the clip keep the whole motor together. Contact @torqueboards for any questions about their products, their customer service is great

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The cir-clip on the bearing needs to stay there. I would not remove that. It holds the motor shaft to the stator.

You can use the circlip by the keyway the one closest to the motor to prevent the pulley from going towards the motor mount. But it’s not needed. I typically only use M4 socket cap bolts with my motor pulley only. You end up restricting your range of alignment if you use the cir-clips on the motor shaft. It’s actually been removed in our motors currently in production since it seems to confuse people more so.