Need help with electronic components like vesc/etc and batteries

Hi I want to build a scooter, though about a skateboard first but my mom don’t like it. I am going to use a turnigy sk3 190kv. So what esc or vesc and betteres do can you recommend for me. I have found some batteries like a 5s 30c 5000mah in series but will they fit with the motor and esc. And a BMS to. (I want to go fast but it is a lot of hills in my area so want to climb they to.)

Looks like you need to look on the e-bike forum. You will find a lot more information about a scooter on there


But it is almost the same as a skateboard. The electric components am going to use it the same types as a DIY electric skateboard. Just need some help with the best components to a 190kv.

I’m sure there are plenty of build threads of people using 190kv you can check out here


Yeah you definitly need to use the search feature and look up 190kv. With only a hour of read time you a super noob. There is also a thread to has noob questions

Why does your mom not like longboards? I Personally think at high speeds a stupid handle could be more dangerous. I saw loads of kids tip over on a scooters Again I think with proper safety training a longboard is safer but lets get a second opinion from @Deckoz Please 8)

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Scooters scare me… But a properly raked fork on the front can make some pretty stable scooters. I wouldn’t be gong over18mph on a scootscoot though…

190kv skoot on some 7 or 8 inch pneumatics with a 6:1 gear ratio will make it have enough torque as a single and keep you slower.

But your mom is wrong, scooters are more dangerous then longboards… we’re in a generation where all the kids got razor scooters Instead of skateboards, now we have an entire generation that can’t balance on 4 wheels but can on 2… Lol

My guess is your mom is afraid because no handles and no brakes…but it’s definitely less safe then a longboard above 7mph lol


Just a follow-up.

Get an analog longboard. Practice sliding and learn to skate. You’ll be much happier/satisfied then a wobnly deathstick with handles…

I’ve had it all… analog scooters, powered scooters, longboards, bikes etc…

Every time I skoot I eat shit. Lol

Also there’s no saving a speed wobble on a skoot as your standing… Ever try tucking with a handle bar in the way?

@Oski I understand if your mom thinks longboards are scary but there not, and i’m not sure if you just like scooters and just made up the whole “mom said” thing but if not Here are some good points me and @Deckoz worked on. PS if others are confused this was a Wiki.

  1. when you fall on your side on a bike your hand and head can fall on its side alone makeing impact harder on 1 spot.

    • 1.1.when you fall on your Longboard you have more control over your fall you can roll it out or worse case slide it out.

    • 1.A. saving a speed wobble on a longboard you can tuck and focus your weight on the front trucks. You cannot focus your weight on a scooter with handle bars in the way as you cannot tuck.

      • 1.B longboards offer the ability to change your center of gravity, as well as create more leverage and grip on the road to keep you on the board and in control. Scooters offer a fixed position handle that does not move. If you lower your body your arms are still up high trying to steer. Crashing like this is asking for shoulder injuries.
  2. The kids on scooters think Helmets are uncool but the Longboard community strongly encourages wearing helmets and protective gear.


I added a bit for ya @Blitz

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I got permision to build a longboard finaly. My mom dont like the stearing and breaking on skateboards but i said it was safer. So can someone recomend som esc/vesc, batteries and BMS to use for Turnigy sk3 190kv, not to exspensive. (live in a veary hilly area and want to climb and go fast)

Have you seen the esk8 calculator?

I would’ve recommended the maytechs I’m selling, but after I’ve read that you want to go fast and climb hills I’m not so sure about doing so. Not because these vesc’s can’t handle it but because I’ve never tested nor ridden them in such conditions.

Nevertheless, here’s the link. Check it out. Maybe it has other things that interest you.

“but my mom don’t like it”… Maybe its my age talking but… when i was your age we rode PUSH BIKES, beats me how kids in this day and age can even afford to build /buy an eboard… Lmao ffs i remember me and my brother getting £2 a week pocket money each. :rofl::rofl: