Need help with modular battery bms

So I got this scooter battery for free I don’t remember why it was faulty but im guessing the bms is fried. I want to bypass it, use it only for balancing (if the balancing still works, i hope).

This is a 10s battery pack. So im guessing that the B- and B+ are what they say (battery discharge + and battery discharge -) and are also the balancing leads. B- is B1’s negative. B+ comes after B9, so B+ is B10 and also battery discharge positive. What I want to do is desolder the nickel tab on B+ and B- and solder the positive and negative wires directly on tabs from the battery pack, then solder a wire on the B- (B1’s negative) to complete the series connections on the bms balancing. Then solder a wire on B- (B1’s negative) to go to C- (to bypass bms making it charge only).

Sorry if this is too confusing lol. Is what im planning to do right and accurate? Am I doing anything wrong or maybe there is something that can be done better?

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Clearer picture

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Correct. P+ and p- would be the bms discharge.

Correct. But B+ would be your new discharge point. P+ was your original discharge point. As you said below.

You pretty much got it.

Nah you got it down. However, if that pcb fails at charging, you may need to get a 10s bms for it instead and just do what you said but with that.


A modular BMS consists of the following structural elements [7]: 1) master controller, 2) slave controller, 3) additional control units, 4) communication channel “Vehicle-Master”, 5) communication channel “Master-Slave” .

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