Need help with my trucks

hi i want to make esk8 wiith evolve trucks with hub motors. i need to somehow exctend the axle of the truck… what do i need to do?? maybe someone make me a axle extention or something???

im in for advice!

gr sam

So you are using the front supercarve for the drive wheels? What hubs are you using? If you are using a maytech or similar with the square locating hole then to fit them you have to make the hanger the same shape. Carefully take some material off each side of the hanger until it will locate into the motor. That way you gain the length you need and the motor will be fixed correctly. I’ve only done this with a paris truck not the evolve though. Do bear in mind though that by doing this mod you are weakening the truck but mine are still holding up fine. This guys does it here but his machining skills are not the best but you’ll get the concept. Good luck and let me know how it goes.

But i need to extend the axles with 3cm on each site… I dont have tools for that… Yes i want hub motor with those sqaere contact point.

Do you have all the components in front of you?

No i did not buy anything yet. Because i want to knoe if someone can make it fit for me… dont wanna buy thing that doesnt work… Understand ritgh?? Maybe you can send pictures of your work?, maybe i can pay you to do the same for me, ? :slight_smile: Gr sam

As far as I’m aware the trucks on the evolve are a standard length axle but don’t quote me on that. Don’t buy the rears though they have a stepped axle from 8-10mm and welded motor plates. The fronts should work though. Unless you buy specific trucks for specific motors though there will always be some mods you have to do. Thats the spirit of building my friend. Where did you get the 3cm info?

Okay i need two front trucks than :slight_smile: The hub motor witd is 6.5 cm i know that form the site. A friend measured his trucks. And came around 3 cm … not precise but aporx… So i need someone who wants to ajust the front truck to make the axles around 6.5 cm and also such sqaure… I dont have the tools and knowlegde… But got money:) So you maybe willing to make such fun project for me? Gr sam

I’m in australia mate. Can’t help you physically I’m afraid but get the gear and go for it. Thats half the fun!

How do you make the sqaere beautiful ? Thst YouTube video is it a but ugly… I may want to try it out on old trucks to see if its possible to make :slight_smile:


Now I get it! You’re trying to square off the hanger to accept the hubs. Get you some hand files. Measure twice if not more. Better to have it right than need to but another hanger.

Okay so you say i can do it while files?? Not a dremel ??

Gr sam

A dremel would be faster. It may be just me but I have a little difficulty controlling a Dremel and it gets away from me. A hand file for me is just more controllable. Plus I grew up on hand tools and not power tools.

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I just used a hand file and carefully took each side down. It will be easier with the evolve because they are already square. Once you have the squared section then the hub should fit on the axle.