Need help with parts / new here

Which parts

And with a possible vesc What do you think should change? Is everything compatible? I tried to build without help through the forum and I just do not get it And with need of other parts please send links

You have only been a member for less than 24 hours. To gain the respect and help of members you should take an adequate amount of time and read through build threads to see how everything works. There are more than enough build threads and videos to answer the basic how to questions.


I would rather get this remote. Smaller and cheaper. The one you have would work.

I would not get that pulley, belt and gear system. I think it’s 3m belt. It will slip.

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@Wilsonliang777 is right, get that one instead or GT2B, so you wont have to buy new AA batteries once in a time

Get a different motor and wheel pulleys, these are bad…also you have 2 motor mounts in your setup, the HK is probably better :slight_smile: The ebay one sucks and it would be hard for you to make it work :slight_smile: The wheel pulley probably doesnt fit linked wheels…

You dont need a battery of that size, you would have 83,716/10 almost 50 km of range…get smaller (8Ah 15C for example, it must be able to outpu enough amps)

the motor is good but you will have to modify the shaft to fit the pulley

he picked the right connector for the battery and found a motor mount from hobbyking which I’ve never knew existed. I think he been doing research before becoming a member. He KINDA knows what he’s doing. Give him a break.

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