Need help with power buttons on AWD build

Hi guys. On my build I’m using the Meepo AWD Pro drivetrain. But I’m missing the power buttons. Meepo won’t sell them to me either unless I buy 2 enclosures for over $50. If I buy them elsewhere they will not have the proper plug to go on the esc. So how do I go about connecting 2 momentary buttons with internal LEDs. The lights inside are required during the pairing process of the remote and for any blinking error codes (if there are blinking codes for diagnosing problems). The video I watched on pairing the remote showed that the buttons ( one at a time ) blink to indicate that the board is in pairing mode. Also that one ESC is paired at a time with the other turned off. THIS IS THE INLY THING STOPPING ME FROM COMPLETING MY FIRST REAL BUILD! AND ITS DRIVING ME CRAZY TO BE THIS CLOSE TO BEING ABLE TO FINALLY GO RIDE A


We are goiing to need a lot closer pics.

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Of a power. Button I don’t have?

I think a normal momentary rated for 12v and an external 5v LED will work. That’s what I just ordered last night anyway. Meepo told me the output for the LED is 5v but they couldn’t give me an answer on the button type or rating needed.most of the buttons with built in led on Amazon are 12v rated with 12v needed to power the internal Led. I found one that was 5v but after looking for 2+ hours I didn’t wasn’t to go back and look for 8t again so I just ordered what I got.

Guys this is my house

I need to know how to fix this window, can anyone tell me which lock fits this window?

I think you missed a spot last time you washed it you might want to check that out and take care of it.

I don’t have the button. Just hoping someone with a meepo AWD Pro or other model knows the answer.

All your wires and connectors. Then we mightttttttt be able to help with RAW connections, not plug and play.