Need help with replacing control on Huger Tech board

I purchased a few Huger Tech boards without controls and need help, would like to make them work. Does anyone have any idea what control I can use with these boards?

They used there onw special remote. You may have to switch out the esc’s and use a diy remote

Is it possible to swap out the reciever if I buy a remote with receiver?

Depends on the esc. Some esc are paired to the rwmote with no external receivers

This one does have a separate receiver just don’t know if the controller will need to be programmed on a pc and don’t know how to go about that. Might be able to connect thru one of the UARTs?

Did you end up solving your issue? I’m in a similar situation… Battery good, but not powering on so need to replace control board… Did you find one that worked with stock remote?

Did you ever find a remote that works?? I’m hearing that a Bluetooth universal remote might work…not sure though… I’m trying to buy a stock remote too…