Need help with schematics

So I’ve designed my schematics but just need somebody more “adapt” :wink: to clarify that it will work properly and not blow up as soon as I plug everything together​:ok_hand:. Credits to @smorto for the schematics I designed mine off :+1:

So here I have two 3s1p zippy liPos in series with XT60s as connectors they then loop up to a XT60 parallel connector in which one conector will go up to the rest of the circuit and one goes to a simple plug in charger which can be found here Now… I don’t know if with my parallel connector being connected to both batteries will be an issue when charging or if I will have to have a setup like this one…-again credits to @smorto for the schematic My all round question is, will my circuit work and will it charge okay? Any help would be appreciated thanks👍

Looks good! Just be very careful when making the adaptor to get each wire to line up on both sides of the VGA port.

Noted. Cheers for the feedback :grinning:

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