Need help with sk8 esc

I have been in your shoes, but we need some details. There are a million ways to build a board, with a million different kinds of parts. This looks like the VESC sold at Hobbyking, Is it?

Please post a link to this product, so that we can see exactly what you bought. Second, Its important for us to know what motor, and receiver you are using. Are you using ppm (pwm) , are you using BLDC, sensored, sensorless??? What is your setup (1 motor, belt drive I assume?)?

Your problem may not be your VESC software (although you should probably start with the software suggested by the VESC manufacturer.). Many problems with programming the VESC are from the remote. The remote needs to be programmed too. There is a section in the VESC software where you teach the VESC Center, Full Throttle, and Full Brake. If this is NOT done, then your VESC (and your board) could be dangerous to ride.

Ok, Here is a link to programing a VESC with the official VESC software.


What VESC hardware version is this? What firmware is this? Let us know how far you get, and if you need further help - Post all the details you can muster :slight_smile:

I made these guides a while ago for Focbox but they should work for your Vesc as well.