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Need help with space cell

as i’ve posted before , my busted cell got ran over by a car . re fixed and soldered . aparently the undergrad diploma student did it with one eye closed . i found that one black wire is broken off but now dont know how or where it should be soldered to . any one ? help !

that was before re fixing . just after accident .

that was after refixing

this was just after 100m rolling . and suddenly stopped . see that button still at “ON” but no led indication .

now , at where i point is a tiny wire . at first i thought it was a plastic fastener . where should i solder it ?

@onloop will know for sure, but that looks like a temperature sensor from the pic.

That wire isn’t supposed to be connected, as @treenutter said, it’s a temp sensor.

Voltage check al of your balancing wires, as that could be the issue. If one of the voltages was off, then the BMS would let the battery turn on.

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I’ve broken it thinking it should connect to some other wires . how come i didnt see any thermometer ?

could be the button switch is faulty .

i really couldnt find any fault . except it wont switch on after the button is pressed .

faulty switch or dead BMS

try cutting the power leads to the switch, and twisting them together.

If it turns on, then it is a faulty switch; if it doesn’t then it is something BMS/wiring related

was it like this: looks like it might have been a thermistor for the BMS to me?

that and your switch is faulty.

@lowGuido thermistor is easy to find here , hopefully its easy to find that BMS . or i’ll have to wait for shipment from china .

so ?! ok …
i soldered back that thermistor once i got a new one ?