Need help with the ownboard remote

I accidentally ran my board into the curb and had to catch myself from completely eating it (I don’t believe my controller was physically damaged in any way). I say this because when I went to move my board my controller was off and would not turn back on. after a long day of riding I thought maybe it was the battery that has ran low so I walked home and charged it. when I tried turning it back on it would not turn on. I let it sit overnight to see if there were any changes but the controller still will not turn on. below are some pictures so that if there is any noticeable problem. I accidentally ripped the wire from the casing when I was messing around with the circuit board and will be going to solder the wire back on. I do not think that is the problem since when I first opened the controller up the wire was still connected but the controller still was not turning on. Any fixes or thoughts on this issue? IMG_1301 IMG_1302 IMG_1304

I’m not sure, but if you end up needing to buy a new one I have an extra I can sell you so you don’t have to wait for shipping from China!

ill take an extra one tbh