Need immediate help with going sensorless to sensored

Hey guys

Sensor cable recently came in the mail. I’ve been running sensorless for months with no issues. My motor didn’t come with CBA markings so I’m having to plug it in, try, and then rewire if it doesn’t spin.

First time I plugged it in it cogged back and forth. I changed 2 wires, and it instantly ran smooth, but with insane power. I think at half throttle it was spinning almost faster than it was at full throttle back when it was sensorless.

I unplugged everything because I’m scared I’m messing something up. I pulled the throttle somewhat hard (not full) and the whole motor spun out from the torque and twisted the wires. (Was holding it by the wires, wasn’t on the motor mount).

Either it just has insane power like this, or something is wrong. Can someone people give me some insight into this? I hope I didn’t break anything…

For the record, my ESC is both sensored and sensorless. Motor is sensored.

Turns out it turns much quicker when the ESC is programmed in reverse of forward. (idk under what setting it turns faster but one of the two does.)

How can I fix this?

Can you get a volt meter and a tach? Measure power draw from battery and rpm at motor

I do have a volt meter but nothing to measure RPM with. Really the only viable option out of the 3 is the one that turns smoothly but in reverse. There is no way to have it turn that way but the correct direction. I will not run the motor in any of the other 2 configurations.

Would you still like me to get a voltage reading on the smooth reversed setting? I don’t know what that information will help you with