Need Jet Spud 29" deck

Anyone have a 29" Jet Spud deck they’re willing to sell?

I also looking for this deck. Or any other recommand deck 29-31 inch with maximum wheel base.

They’re out of stock atm btw.

I doubt you will find anyone to sell, just because if you get one you want to keep it, but hey, best of luck finding a seller.

I’ve got 1, it’s all ready drilled for a volt meter and switch though. Also, it’s promised to @GrecoMan but if he doesn’t want it I’ll prolly sell it.

It was originally for my son but he won’t get off the RE Caldera (@treenutter) for 5 minutes :grinning:


I feel bad having it reserved for me lol. I just bought another deck cause the spud is small…

oooo but I reaaaaallllyy like it

I’m in no hurry, your call brother. If you decide you don’t want it let these folks know so someone else can use it. I hate that it’s just sitting there, hurts a little :grinning:

oh my god this is the hardest decision of my life :tired_face: if I had the $$ i’d pick it up right now and use for a different build.

hopefully @JLabs stocks the spud again…

@mmaner now has a spud for sale!

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Lol, poor Greco dude. You need a good scratch-off :grinning:


I’ll post pics of the spud 29 in an hour or so, drinking right now so they may be waaaaaay out of focus :grinning:


tell me about it lol. lemme do some math real quick and see if I can afford it

No worries.

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aaarrggg looks like I can’t. :cry: not sure what I would put on it anymore since someone picked up my battery

god dammit so many conflicting thoughts. I could overdraft and buy it but resell for a bit of profit

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Don’t overdraft dude. If you want it I’ll save it, told you I would. I just knew you got a new deck so wasn’t sure if you still wanted it or not.


god dammit looks like i’m gonna have to pass. hardest decision i’ve ever made

No worries brother, more will come around. What deck did you end up getting?

ended up going with a bit of a longer deck, needed it for my 10s6p.

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Here’s the pics of the Jet Potato (spud) 29.

As I said earlier the deck has been drilled out for a volt meter and switch. If anyone wants the deck I’ll send you links for the switch and meter at Amazon.

I also have an extra set of Freebord S2 Bindings, bindings are awesome with this deck.

I’ll take $100 for the deck and $50 for the bindings or $130 for both. Shipping in the US should be less than $20.

That’s a cool deck, good job.

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