Need Key for Keyway

Where can I get just the key for a motor keyway (3 mm)? Lost mine and don’t have a way to build one


I have one from Rspec motor…

But dont think Im gong to be much help unless you can pick up from Aus

I have 5 or something close, I don’t use them. Where are you, I’ll send you one if you are in the states.

They can be sourced at any hardware store like ace

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I’m in Indiana! Would you be able to ship me one? I’m checking at Ace today, but if they don’t have it I’ll likely take you up on the offer.

No worries, Ill drop it in an envelope and send it off. Just PM me your address.


I tried to get key stock at my local true value hardware but they didn’t have metric sizes

You could also just use a square nail or something. I have personally used it in the past. I have never had problems with it.[email protected]

These are what i use. I have a tiny drawer full of them. Dirt cheap, enertion compatible and compatible with anything using 3mm keyways over 16mm long. Typical length is 18mm, my motors have 18mm keyways and so do the R-SPECs and similar motors.


Grainger, McMaster, Fastenal, I think even amazon carries machine keys.

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