Need lifepo4 battery pack recommendation

Hi fellow esk8 builder As title, I am looking for Lifepo4 battery pack around 25.6v (8s1p) and 5ah. I been searching around and the packs I found are just way too bulky to be use on an electrical skateboard, also I can’t do diy pack due to lacking on both knowledge and tool.

Thanks you for your help.

Lipo sounds more up your alley. You can easily buy multiple high drain batteries from hobby websites. Best option for beginners honestly.


I am considering Lipo too but i wanted to weigh my options first because from my research lifepo4 is much safer.

Well naturally it is much safer, but on the bottom of a solid deck, the thing that’s most in danger is the other electronics. The pros however I believe outweigh the cons. Such as higher power density, easily sourced and replaced, and not to mention much cheaper. Also it is very uncommon for a battery that is charged correctly, and maintained just as well, to explode. The most common for a bad lipo is expansion which is very easy to see.

Alright I will consider, thanks alot for answering.