Need low profile BMS for 12s, 60x21700 cell, FOCBOX Unity, Maytech 6374, LaCroix Deck/enclosure Build

I am currently in the process of purchasing components for my build,

This currently includes,

FOCBOX Unity 60x21700 cells Maytech 6374 3kW Motors X 2 LaCroix deck and enclosure

I am struggling to find a suitable BMS with a low enough profile, to enable me to squeeze it in above the cells in one of the larger compartments.

I have thought about not using a BMS, but decided against it, as I want to make it “idiot” proof

The max size for the BMS is 200mm X 60mm X 14mm

Any suggestions??


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Are you sure 21700 will fit?


If you purchase the complete board, it is currently shipped with 20700 cells. The CAD model i knocked up from measurements i had, shows the cells should fit fine, with a little space down the centre.

D140 for example as charge only is only 8mm

make the bms charge only, it’ll be slim af and will let you free with discharge :wink:


image image I bought this in Alibaba.