Need new motor mount and trucks in europa

hi I looking for an upgrade for my eboard I have this trucks and motor mount on right new but im looking for a new motor mount because I have got some new 6355 motors and the motor mount don’t fit so need a new motor mount and maybe the new mounts don’t fit on my trucks then if nesserey new trucks


what options Is out there and im on a budget too

This should work with these trucks

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well you can measure the space you have between your wheels and make an estimate.

All its require is a round clamp

Ty this look great and cheap even with a Belt tensioner

I bought this motor Mount dont Think Any thing is cheaper 38 USD for 2 motor Mounts

The issue about these mounts is that they are not mirrored left and right. So esthetically it will not be symmetrical but still working. Let us know with pics how are they mounted

@Marvedjensen any updates? I am in a similar position as well, so it would be great to hear from your experience. Someone used a spacer in a mount pretty similar to yours. Check it out: