Need new remote!

I am a new esk8 builder and when I put my board together I got most of the items from enertion. But the remote they send me broke pretty quickly and then they send me a second remote and the same problem happened. The USB port fell off twice. I want to get a new remote and open too a lot of options. Just want it semi cheap, durable and can connect to the board easily. Please give suggestions.

I would get either of these, they are both awesome…

@psychotiller Thumb Remote/Receiver $45

Benchwheel Remote & Receiver $45

I have this one and I can not say one bad word about it. The battery lasts literally for weeks, no problems with signal loss (I had one bat I know that corner I have never owned a remote that would not cut out there). The only thing “bad” is that it is a little bit thicker, but it still fits in the pocket.

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This is your best bet, cheap and very very reliable…


I second this. Takes a bit getting used to if you are used to thumb control. battery last forever and never have to worry about keeping it charged

I removed the “steering wheel”, cut and sanded down the plastic, somewhat pocket-able.

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I removed the wheel too, before I got my benchwheel remote that was…

Thanks for the shout @darkkevind!! (:

PM me and I can give any of you a $5 off coupon code

These are great remotes and I still use them on a few personal builds!! If you want thumb though you should check this one out. It has many features the mini doesn’t such as hi/low speed, rechargeable battery and battery alarm for 10s applications.

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Thank you everyone for their help. This all helps me a lot to make a decision.

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Hey guys, new to eskateboards but wanted your feeback on what is more important on a remote if you had to pick a remote with one or the other feature?

  1. Channel 2, for whatever…
  2. switch that limits speed/throttle from slow, and fast setting?

If going for a trigger get a GT2B and the mad monkey or master Cho mod, if a thumb trigger get a Benchwheel or Maytech (aka steez 2). They are the easiest to learn with and are mondo reliable.

I’m rocking a new steez, nanox, nano, and benchwheel, which all meet my two criteria of being usb rechargeable and have multiple speed modes

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Which do you think is the most reliable and has the best travel? You’ve been around awhile, I’m curious what you think.

I prefer the benchwheel. The nano x has the worst travel, which is funny because I’ve heard it’s internAlly the same as the new steez, which is better with regards to travel. Honestly i love the trigger on the mini remote but i hate having to carry extra batteries due to anxiety that it’ll die, which it has and also requires a screwdriver to swap AAs


I agree with all of that. I tend to use the nano-x on low power or tamed boards so the travel doesn’t do as much. I keep going back to my benchwheel. When I get time to figure out my updated issues in the photon I’m hoping it replaced all of them as my favorite.

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I have a GT2B with the case mod, that I haven’t been able to use yet. If you live in the US, I can sell it for $50 shipped

I love the Mini Remote. I had the same battery anxiety and always carried extra batteries and a screwdriver. Then after I actually experienced batteries die twice, it’s not what you think. It just cuts-out BRIEFLY a few times, nothing major at all, and you know that within a few weeks or so you need to change them. The batteries last a LONG time. Like months to years, depending on how much you ride.

By briefly, I mean like 50 milliseconds…


Hello, I have a question. Do the leds on the benchwheel remote indicate the skateboard’s battery voltage or the remote battery? Based on my current remote, I’d guess that it should indicate the skateboard battery level, but I could be wrong. If you have some info on it, I’d greatly appreciate it. Thanks!