Need opinions on pulley covers

I was riding near an construction site. A nail got caught under the motor pulley cover and pierced the belt. Instant halt. Lucky i was slowing down for the light.

So I was wondering how much safer it actually is with pulley covers on.

don’t ride near construction sites.

nah but seriously, are you looking for a statistic? cause it doesn’t exist.

opinions like would someone prefer with or without covers

there aren’t really any downsides to having them, they’re just not very readily available

I had a setscrew fall out of motor pulley during a ride, stabbed right into the belt. I didn’t notice until I slowed down and heard the weird belt noise. That’s the only thing ever really gotten in the way of the drivetrain. I did doughnuts on my school’s baseball field for 10 minutes last weekend and nothing got clogged with the pulley or the motor.

Even so, get them if avaliable. :ghost::alien: edit: I mean enertion got away without the covers

only downside ive ever heard is if anything (ie. a rock) gets stuck in the pulley cover it can jam up pretty good and lock up and throw you off the board…whereas no cover anything is more likely to just work its way through the drivetrain…

this is just from what I remember someone bringing up in a thread once, and it may be valid…i’ve never run with covers though

I designed some pulley covers, there in thingiverse if you wanna take a look. I stopped using them when I hit a brick, it chipped and little pyramid shaped brick beast lodged between the pulley and the belt running the belt into the pulley cover which in turn shredded the cover.

Didn’t really cause any damage, I didn’t even fall, but it sounded like a gun going off. I.mean, seriously I thought somebody was shooting at me.

Too much work just to keep belts clean considering you can rise through dog crap, torque the hell out of them, take em in and off 1000 times, get them were with road greese and they are still.pristine.

Adding idlers also gives less space for something to get caught, with covers is ideal, wish someone would do them for @marcmt88 mounts


I have boards with and without. I think, for me, its just aesthetics. I get shit in my pulleys with or without them. Which motor mounts are you using?

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I’m waiting on my Torqueboard mounts.

i would definitely want to grab a couple if someone made a cover for those mounts