Need some advice with my first at/street build

Hello everyone,

I’m new to Esk8 and new to the forum. I live in the United States in Southern California, near Disneyland. So, close to the beaches, mountains and desert. Nice skate weather practically year round here. I’ve ridden skateboards on and off since I was a kid and wanted to get back into it. I picked up a longboard to tool around on and eventually went electric and picked up a Wowgo 2s for around $400 to get my feet wet. Almost fractured my arm the first day :astonished:. I was trying to get the hang of carving and over corrected, landing onto my outstretched hand. However, I could’t wait to get back on the board, and I am now ready to build my own board with better specs and performance.

Parts I’m currently considering:


Moonshine%20Elixir%201 Moonshine%20Elixir%202 Moonshine%20Elixir%203 Wheelbase

Trucks, mounts, motors and belt system:

Haggy drive system


Still contemplating between the following and would gladly take advice:

VESC 6 plus x2 with trampa wand?

Flipsky Dual FSESC 6.6 with VX1 or VX2 remote?

Unity with Enertion nano remote?


10s4p or 12s4p battery pack built by MBoards


The enclosure I’m not sure yet. I was thinking of something from psychotiller might work for this set up. Again, advice welcomed.

So, my questions at this point are: Do you think this deck will work clearance wise with the Haggy drive system?

I hear so much debate about VESC/ESC and often wonder why more people just don’t go with the OG VESC from Vedder if everything is based on it anyway. But opinions welcome.

Should I go with the 10sp4p or 12s4p and would either work on this deck, meaning is there enough room for the 12s4p if I wanted to go that route?

Look forward to getting some feedback and start purchasing parts and documenting this build.

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If it’s your first DIY then I would say get a 10s4p and put it in an enclosure that fits a 12s4p so as when u get bored of the 10s you just sell your battery and get a 12s4p pack

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Love the build over all. Though I wouldnt recommend the nano remote as it it doesn’t have as many functions as the vx1/vx2 or wand, I have tried almost all eboard remotes (other than the maytech remote) and the best ones were those 3

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I’ve been told that I may have to consider wheel bite with this particular deck with the AT wheels. Considering getting an Evolve deck, as I have heard that is a good deck for an AT/street build. Any thoughts?

whats your budget? for the whole build

Dont use enertion parts and the baord should work well


I was trying to stay around $2000 give or take

Deck Hummie with CF bottom and @sender hand love Deck - $130,
Trucks Surfrodz 200mm RKP 50/35 split using @mikenyc adjustable baseplates SZ - $100, adjustable baseplates - $170
Wheels Bergmeister Blues $185
Tires 6" Haggy Tires included in above
Battery and charger 10s5p Flat Pack $390
Enclosure @Bigben single stack enclosure $95
Motors @buildkitboards sensored 6374s $200
Motor Mounts @LR-designs SurfRodz Clamps with @moon AT gear drive Clamps - $50, Gear Drive (beta) - $261
VESC Unity $250
Remote @Avio modded mini remote mini remote - $30, conversion - $15
Lights @Genex headlight, xlite 100 taillight headlight - $25, tail light - $15
Extras @ricco TTL lights to be installed soon $70


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My gear drive is £240 not $550

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in usa dollars thats 261x2 so thats 522

I think that is the price for a set. Not singular?

261 for a set is really nice if thats true i need it

Price is for a set


thats a great price do they work with mbs wheels?


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I appreciate all the advice fellas, thanks.

What kind of specs are we looking at on a build like that, range and speed wise?

What? Your price is for 2 for 240? :I Stop beating my wallet wtf

Please just visit the new forums to get good advice


Yep @ONFIRE247365. This one…

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