Need some community help in finalizing my board

Hi everybody. Some things in my life have been going good, many of the bad things have been staying bad, and now I’m on the other side of the country and my complete dog fucking shit $2000 MSI Laptop that hasn’t wanted to do shit from day one because of its jank ass software finally decided it wanted to kill its jank ass self, and did just that. The hinge self destructed itself on a normal opening, despite me babying the piece of shit it’s entire life.

That being said, I’m only really going to have my phone to do some research, and being used to having a triple monitor setup… a 5.25’x2’ish screen ain’t gonna be great. My apologies if formatting is trash, will try to edit and fix things as I go.

For anybody who will selflessly give their time to help me get a board up and running, it will be greatly appreciated.

On to actual board/questions

So far, I have in hand:


_2x MAYYECH 6374 170KV

Things I will soon have in hand:


Purchases I will soon make:


_2x keyway

Things I know I should need:

_remote - alien power systems until new Hoyt

_Grip tape/glass frit

_5.5mm bullet connectors to make unity adapters

_Winfly/NESE compression packs and associated hardware

_Trucks - probably surfrodz rkp

_Extension brackets - gbombs, or I might Uber to @Boardnamics, incapacitate him, and kidnap his router (yer using a CNC router right, not an actual mill?) to make the one dudes extension plates

_Loctite blue - I have access to red 2400 at my work, I presume that is to be used only for permanent things tho

_Various lengths/gauges of silicone wire

_ Battery cells - need a solid answer on whether or not compression packed 30/40Ts can fit in HAYA channels

Drive train solution - no idea about this part. Though it’s important to know before I make my TV order, because if I go belt I’d presume I could just get my pully’s from them in the same order.

Still need a helmet that’s glasses friendly, have a few in mind right now, will update soon. LIGHTWEIGHT is a HUGE factor for me because of current neck problems.

If there’s anything else I’m forgetting, you have answers to my questions, or any other input, PLZ REPLY

Thanks all

Motor mounts? Psychotiller and marc88 are the only ones making them for rkp sr atm i think. @257 also makes gbomb style brackets fyi. 30e7d84c46813413e163e5e6eaf083a015b4e359_2_750x1000 a42e0677658d26930e93589d7bfaaabb8598b251_2_1332x1000 5761ff421b77a3253ebea47c1944b25ea497a3e1_2_1332x1000


Also @lrdesigns makes the clamps for them

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Yeah, he was who I was talking about. He’s not making them right now but gave me the info. Unfortunately I’m away from my machine shop.

Have you seen sofu mention she feels like the haya deck is a little long with g-bombs and probably wouldn’t do it again?

I want to see a Haya on adjustable baseplate tkp trucks. Would be dope.

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She’s using a full size deck tho, I’m using a mini. All I know is I need a way to run TB110 on them with no wheel bite.

I’m building this to commute on a pretty fucking crazy road but also do some crazy shit on. I just need something to fit the 6374’s without going diagonal and no wheel bite.

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Okay i see. Maybe just one gbomb on the rear? Mount front truck normal. That way total deck length doesn’t get outta hand.

That would completely kill the kicktaik unfortunately.

I mean - I don’t HAVE to use tb110’s - it’s just, aside from pneumatics, I don’t think there’s anything better?

I’m actually having serious regret I didn’t buy the dudes 10S5P board for $1500. So much I just don’t want to think about it lmao

I’m perfectly happy on my 97 mmmm. Of course i like my 107mm better but it’s still a nice ride. The tb110 look amazing and im sure they ride great.
Might not be the right fit for that deck tho.

Should have seen the 12s4p i just sold for 1300

I did, it didn’t have 8" road tires coming with it tho :stuck_out_tongue:

Nope. But it has 145mm pneumatic that ride smooth and don’t completely drain the battery from rolling resistance

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I use these goggles with a full face MTB helmet. They allow the use of glasses but they can’t be too high.

Boardnamics is making those brackets for me, he might have enough alluminum to make 2 sets

I have one set left at the moment. :wink:

Maybe it could work with very very wide trucks? @psychotiller has some new split angle TKP trucks with a 240mm hanger (same width as the Haya shortboard), so that + positioning the trucks as far as possible might work? Someone in CAD could probably put it together and check. Could be worth a shot.

Aluminum is cheap as balls, even from McMaster. I could definitely just ship over what’s needed