Need some help flashing vesc 4.12

Hi i hope someone can help!! i couldn’t connect to my vesc 4.12 through usb so i have tryed flashing it with the st-link and this firmware

Now i only have the blue light? before the vesc was working i just couldn’t connect through usb to change settings. Seems i have made it worst lol

st-link after flashing 22:25:41 : ST-LINK SN : 4F38080032124353354B4E00 22:25:41 : V2J29S7 22:25:41 : Connected via SWD. 22:25:41 : SWD Frequency = 4,0 MHz. 22:25:41 : Connection mode : Normal. 22:25:41 : Debug in Low Power mode enabled. 22:25:42 : Device ID:0x413 22:25:42 : Device flash Size : 1MBytes 22:25:42 : Device family :STM32F405xx/F407xx/F415xx/F417xx 22:26:09 : [40_o_47_o_48_o_410_o_411_o_412_o_DAS_RS.bin] opened successfully. 22:26:09 : [40_o_47_o_48_o_410_o_411_o_412_o_DAS_RS.bin] checksum : 0x005173CC 22:26:22 : Memory programmed in 2s and 578ms. 22:26:22 : Verification…OK 22:26:22 : Programmed memory Checksum: 0x005173CC

I have it turning a motor again with a servo tester/ppm but still wont connect throught usb!! The pc doesnt recognise it when plugged in. The only way I could get the green led on was to flash with a older firmware from the old bldc tool.

When I do flash a new bin file the st-link says core lockup in the bottem right corner. Ive tryed to connect to bldc and vesc tool with 2 different cables with no joy, which both worked before.

Hopfully someone can help me out Cheers Adam

heaps of stuff on this topic, check here:

Tryed everything searched the forum heaps before postings. I must have a bricked vesc!!