Need some help mounting pulleys

Hey guys, I’m trying to mount my 12mm torque boards pulley kit, but I’m not entirely sure how…

The pulley sticks out past my motors shaft, does that mean I’m screwed? Also, it didn’t come with that rectangular key to insert in the pulley, and do I take the little circle clip thing off the bottom of the motor first?

So your motor shaft doesn’t go all the way through the pulley? That shouldn’t be a problem, as long as it goes far enough in. Which motor do you have?

The rectangular key isn’t really required, it does make it a little better IMHO, but you’d need a slot or at least a flatspot on your motor shaft to take advantage of it.

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Alright cool, the pulley only sticks out a couple mm past the shaft so I figure it’ll be fine. Thanks!

You’ll be fine with just a couple of mm. If the shaft only went maybe half-way through the pulley, I may a little worried. No problem!