Need some help on first ever design

Hey everyone. New to electronic skating, but I’m a year off graduating from electronic engineering and IT dual degree, so I’m well equipped to learn anything technical.

Some stats about me and my requirements.

  • I’m from Brisbane, Australia. Anyone that doesn’t know, Brisbane is hilly as shit.
  • I’m about 185cm (6’1")
  • I’m roughly 85kg (187lbs).
  • I’ve got a deck already but will need new trunks and wheels as they aren’t suited for a build.

I’ve been poking around in this thread for some ideas as well as just generally on the forum.

Due to my location, it seems like I’ll need a dual motor setup for the hills. As it’s my first build and I need so much and have so little experience with the in’s and out’s, I’ve decided on the following items.

Motor mount kit

Enertion dual drive mechanical kit.

If I don’t go with the enertion dual drive kit, everything seems to be very fragmented, trucks from one site, pulleys from another, motor mount bracket from another. That’ll probably kill me in shipping as I’m from Australia. Is there anything else comparable to the kit?

Motors For another $300 on the enertion kits, I could upgrade that to include motors, but it seems like from the beginner thread I could get them cheaper elsewhere. Do the enertion motors have any particular advantage that warrants the increased cost over say, Tacon motors.

Choice of motor then feeds on to the choice of battery (also, could anyone explain to me why this thread recommends 9000 rpm on your motors. I asked a freind who participated in building an EV racecar and he had no clue why it’d suggest it as a general rule). If I go with the enertion motors, then I’m also just tempted to go with either Enertion 360WH battery pack or the lower capacity, but comes with RC remote 270WH variant. How much range would both batteries practically give me?

The enertion and DIY batteries from that other thread seem the easiest to deal with as they come with everything in built. If I wanted to go the create my own battery route though, how do I get a similar level of performance for the cost? Enertion battery packs are 30-40 total cells, which I just can’t match with the zippy’s price.

Motor Controller

Looking at dual VESC as they seem the best and easiest and very well loved here.

As a side note, the VESC from DIY comes with 5.5mm motor bullet mounts but all the motors I looked at came with 4mm bullet connectors. Never dealt with bullet connectors so don’t really have any experience with them, but is there a reason for this?

Hope to hear from some of you guys and get riding soon.

Hey dude, might be a good idea for you to join the Melbourne/Australia DIY Esk8 whatsapp group. We can probably answer most of your questions. PM me your number and I’ll add you

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