Need some help, voltage is dropping when trying to accelerate motor

Ok so i just got my board all put together and when i try to accelerate the motor the voltage will drop tremendously then a couple of seconds after i stop it shoots back up. I have samsung 30qs set up in a 10s3p and vruzend 2.0 battery connectors, bms and batterys are also from vruzend. Its running through a anti and then to a flipsky vesc and a torque boards 6734 motor. I had a toruqe boards vesc but it was a piece of sh!t and stopped working before i had a chance to ride it. Anyhow i think some of the batteries are bad because i shorted a knife on one and it melted the tip haha. Real time data shows voltage 41.9 and drops to around 30 full accelerating than sometimes it will just drop and cut to 20ish volt. It also flickers 41.9-36v without any accelerating

Start by check voltage of each parallel group then report back… Sure its possible it could be bad/dead call but need some data.

Check every connector, every solder joint, every weld. Something is impeding the flow of pixies, you just have to find it.

If you have a loopkey, make sure it’s plugged in all the way.

Looks like bat batteries or bad batteries joint. One area might be 3 in parallel and one area might be only one in parallel. So the voltage is dropping when high amp occur.