Need some help with building my first electric board

So Im on an budget of around 300ish$ I picked out these parts and I think that they are compatible and that the parts wont blow up when i connect them together.

Im planning to cut out the deck from an snowboard deck I made this already with a flexible one and it turned out to be amazing, I have the trucks already and will make my own mount and weld it on calibers/paris trucks

So these are the parts Motor:


Battery:2x (If i did my calculations right it should get me about 22km in series and 11km in parallel, I do not know how to calculate the speed it seems very complicated for me)

Are these parts compatible? And what could be the max speed if someone is kind enough to calculate it, also im about >90kg also dual motor setup is considered for the next year, also im worried how long would this board last since im 16 years old do not have a job (during the school year) and live in Croatia where the average paycheck is about 600$ per month

Id like to have a plug in charger inside the board, what are the prices of those as i do not want to disassemble the whole board and assemble it again just to charge it.

I found the pulleys on ebay for about 15$

its 15:36 (ive seen that this is good,ill trust you guys :smiley: )

I still haven’t done research on transmitters and receivers and their compatibility with the esc, but i just got an idea, is it possible to salvage the receiver and the transmitter from an rc car?

I have access to cnc machines at school so I might consider selling mounts for like 20$(i guess this is cheap) custom orders would be possible and the pulleys would be made from a material of your choice

Good start - i’d look at some builds and read up on the usual compoenents.

I know you are on a budget, but i’d still suggest getting a VESC vs the Turnigy ESC linked. The one you selected is about $85, and HV (no BEC) - PLUS you will absolutely need a programming card…so you aren’t really saving much $ vs getting a VESC (Enertion FOCBOX, Axle VESC, DIYes VESC - all close $). You’ll need to purchase a BEC for $5-10 for the turnigy ESC to power your Rx, and the progamming card for a few $ more.

Controller - get GT2b. If you have CNC, do you also have 3d printer access at school? if so you can print a smaller enclosure (badwolf, sparkle, flatline customs, or purchase master cho enclosure).

If you want longer term flexibility i’d also suggest getting 190kv or lower to start - it’ll keep your speeds down and let you run higher voltage (more power) with VESC.

Suggest you read up on the forum - the sticky articles, and as many builds as you can find. Locate a build you like, and emulate.


diy-electric-skateboard-kits-parts/vesc-the-best-electric-skateboard-esc/ This vesc can do only 50A continous and thats why I didnt pick it at the first place, its missing 15A of power and I think that it would make a noticable distance (im unexperienced) I found an esc with a bec wich i dont know what is but will read on it now for 65$ and that can do more than 65A also the programming board is ~10 bucks I guess that i will go with the vesc Im looking for max speeds around 40 and crousing speeds about 25 kmh