Need some help with my first e-longboard with schematic

So I have all my parts on the way but I am having a little trouble with the schematic of my e-board. I have 2 5000 Mah 6s 30c lipo packs (Turnigy) I want to run them in Parallel but also want to not have to open the bottom up every time I need to charge the batteries I know you can charge in parallel. I am going to use a 3 position switch. I have a very rough copy of what I was thinking.

All the current going to your esc will need to go through the switch, that’s a lot of current for a switch to handle, it will need to be very beefy. Almost like a blade switch

You don’t want a blade switch.

May i suggest having 2 xt60 connectors (one on each battery) and using a xt90 anti spark as a master switch


could you maybe draw me a schematic? so i can tell what you mean

Do what @emepror did

He put the balance lead in // , the xt60 charge port in // and used a xt90 loop key as a master switch

// = parallel

okay thank you do I have to take out the xt90 (cut off switch) to charge?

Would be recommended, that will make sure you have no power to your esc

and one last question can I use two balance ports instead of soldering two together

I wouldn’t recommend that, since the your power leads are always in //.

You maybe can do a Y harness for the balance plugs if you don’t want to cut them (understandable)

i couldnt find any y spliters for a 6s lipo never mind I found one

That would do, tape up the connectors you don’t need. If you cut them off the risk of having some wire short together is greater.

alright thank you so much for your help man I don’t think I have any other questions ill be building next week when everything arrives ill send some pics when i’m done.

I found a 6 cell Y splitter on i believe hobbyking, its been a while. the XT90 cutoff works great but I’ve gotten lazy and just leave it plugged in. I’ve had no issues with doing that. Also when you go to solder up the connector for the batteries, ESC, charge port, its basically a double ended Y.

alright man thanks for the help, I order a y splitter from Ebay it’s on its way thank you for your help

okay wait I am a little confused about something so I have already ordered an 80Amp ESC and my batteries are 5000mAh 22.2v and 30c with a peak of 40c this means if I run them in parallel they will produce 300A will the ESC be fine with 300A even tho it’s only an 80A ESC?

Your batteries will be able to to burst up to 300A. But your motor will not pull no where near that current.

All depends on what motor you’ll using

but is it fine like will nothing blow up?

No nothing will blow up, the motor will only take what it need. (it like a car with 900hp, on the freeway it will only use what it need to do the job)

okay okay thank you

Hi emepror I am having some trouble with replicating your schematic here is what mine looks like it doesnt turn on when i put in the xt90.