Need some help!

Hey all… Long time listener first time caller. I have attempted to build my first electric skateboard and have run into multiple walls. I have purchased equipment from several manufactures and I am having trouble programming esc to work properly. I have tried a dual 6.6 and a focbox. My wife is ready to throw me out of the house. Anyone in the Tampa area that might be able to help cross the finish line?


Maybe this video might help you with programming.

can we see a picture of your setup inside enclosure?

@longhairedboy would help you out if you greatly desire local help

Here is what I’m working with. I have been trying to program this for months now and I need help…

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I would gladly pay for your services. I’m at my wits end

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if you have an android phone, download this & follow the guided setup.

If you are having problems with the remote, watch this