Need some pneumatic tires

Want some tires that will fit my bamboo 1, preferably over 6in, not looking to spend more then 50, including the wheel pulley and belt, please let me know what you have, and any advice

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My advice is “buy used” and “good luck”


I found some used on eBay with the evolve hanger but the guy wants 200

Last year I sold 4 of those with pulleys & belts & belt gaurds, without the hanger, for $199

So it’s going to be hard to find wheels I guess

I think (am almost sure) that 50dollar is to low. Chinese wheels already cost more.


i have evolve at hubs, gears and belts but no tubes or tires. also in Sydney Australia so

Yeah… good luck finding a set of used chinese pneumatic wheels for $50, let alone a good set.

A brand new kit from Psychotiller including all the fixings is $300, and it’s a hell of a deal. Fantastic machining. I had a set of prototypes from him, and they were great. With that as a benchmark, I’d say it’d be unrealistic to find a full set for less than $100, and $150 is probably closer to reality.

The AT kit from Evolve is $200, but is designed for GT and GTX boards.

Not to mention, you’ll have to make everything fit - The deck shape of the 1 looks like it doesn’t have as much clearance for wheelbite as I think you’ll need.


Do you have access to a 3d printer? You can then get the 6x2 tires+ tube from Alibaba for as low as about 4 dollars I think. You can then 3d print the hubs.

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yeah what he said… maybe $150 out the door if youre resourceful…