Need some veteran insight please diyeboard 10s5p dual belt

Hey guys looking for your veteran insight… Or basic insight fo that matter. I purchased a DIYeboard 10s5p kit off a guy on Reddit. Everything works great except where I live in Maine the roads are… Rough and that’s putting it nicely. So I’ve noticed every time I go on longer rides my motor mounts come loose and have play on the trucks fairly significantly. I tried using red locktite on all the bolts but after about a half mile I stopped to check and they were really loose again. Also have a secondary question so I don’t need to post twice what are some things I can do to the board to give it a more comfortable ride on the rough roads and brick sidewalks? Thanks in advancedIMG_20190423_201623MVIMG_20190423_201635

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your gonna have to replace the rear truck

the same thing was happening to my old truck kit until I replaced the whole rear truck with the mounts

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Bigger/softer wheels will help with the vibrations but it looks like you would get wheelbite without adding some risers.

Would using a bigger torque driver/ longer wrench help tighten down the mount? Not sure since I don’t own a DIY kit

no its actually broken…

i had the same issue, i tightened it town, worked for maybe 2 miles then got loose again, its fine if you use the board with the loose mount though, it wont come off (i ride the truck kit with a loose mount before for 2 months)

You sold me broken trucks?

no lol, those are the new ones

i got a 50$ replacement trucks from riptide

Jesus that’s a lot for a single set of trucks

They are loose again though, probs gonna just drill a pocket for the grub screw so it sits better

i mean it was rear trucks + motor mounts…

i dont sell broken stuff… :joy:

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Fair enough…I’m trying to get that drive set to hit the road but my friend insists on not doing anything without a brand new 10s Lipo with BMS for $40 shipped, so its gonna be a while before they see any use

I can see them sitting on his desk right now…they haven’t been moved in a month

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:joy: the kit is actually pretty decent if everything works out.

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I took it for a spin a while back and they got some power to them

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Damn alright. Is there another set up that these would fit? Like if I switch over to a new motor mount and truck set-up? I’ve been looking into some bigger wheels and I’ve got some 1/4 risers sitting around just waiting for longer hardware

The best you can do is get some Cal IIs and BoardDynamics mounts for them…$50 for the trucks and $30 for the mounts. Keep the wheel pulleys and motors with pulleys

The stock 13:35 pulleys and 250mm belt should fit the non-idler mount (62mm - 78mm center to center)

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Had the exact same problem with my diy board, you can get softer wheels and soft riser pads. But im not sure this will solve it. I just drilled some extra holes in the mount that mounts to the trucks, tapped them and added extra set screws with blue loctite. havent upgraded the wheels and riser pads to softer ones on my board and Ive ridden on some very rough roads, the mount hasnt come loose yet!

Cool build man, bummer about the loose mounts. I struggled with inferior mounts (different brand) for about a month before I ditched them for TB218’s and @Boardnamics mounts. They are quite a bit longer so may not fit with motors facing forward, depending on clearance, but they are rock solid. Untill then, a new hole with a grub screw in it (a la @Creavenger) looks like a quick way to get back to shredding :beer:


Thanks man! I enjoy it. Wish the board had a bit more flex/give for comfortability but I did just get a killer deal on a bustin maestro mini mint for 30$. Actually just placed my order for boardnamic mounts with tensioner and caliber ii trucks and 90mm wheels to hold me over until I get some AT wheels