Need some wheels, caliber truck EU

To sell my build, I need some nice wheels in the style of kegels preferably New or used, does not matter as long as they aren’t beaten up to death, around 90mm is what Im looking for Also one caliber truck and a mount for one if you have an extra one you do not need, it must be able to me mounted reverse Also some 10inch wide griptape…

One caliber truck or one set?

One truck only unless its a super offer :smiley:

i have some wheels (new) but in US. also 97mm but I also got spare cal2. Would give u the wheels free. shipping probably murder

1 Like This is caliber-1 truck Caliber-2 mounts should work just fine but you should check.

The price with shipping and import tax to Europe sometimes amazon waves shipping if asked.

Price $24.95
AmazonGlobal Shipping + $9.77
Estimated Import Fees Deposit + $7.99
Total $42.71

I just compared uk and us prices, like 55$ for a truck plus shipping, damn why us so chap on skate stuff

I buy all my longboards from there nice I tell them Can you give me free shipping i’ll buy 2 and make a good review.

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Im going to try my best at persuading them! But also waiting on shipping price from @trancejunkiexxl :smiley:

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Heading home right now talk to you soon


found the wheels (new) just realized i cant find the bearing kit or the speedwashers its likely, that I used them for another build… as for the trucks I dont know where they are, as i switched to tb widehangar…and put them in my storage… I can hit the post office by end of this week w/ shipping confirm if you want em. i have alot of parts and stuff man so I wont miss these at all

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Maybe below pictures wheel can been selected Anti-slip, Shock Vibration, Durable Grinding Wheels

@Acido , if you are still looking for Caliber trucks you’ll find some for 21 Euro brand new on the site. Multiple colours available .

Thanks i just ordered from there 2 weeks ago :slight_smile: