Need someone to build my board

I am looking for a trustworthy honest builder. I live in los angeIes. Ca. have all the components but do not know how to put it together I will ship to You. Please if you are not an experience builder please do not respond I’ve had 2 builders that just strung me along not knowing what to do. Contact me [email protected]

put your location and someone may be able to help you locally…also whyd you make a duplicate thread asking the same thing within 5 minutes of eachother?

What @abenny said. You want somebody that lives near you so please add your location.

626? So LA county?

Also list your parts or attach pictures so people know what they are working with

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I can help you just pm me and i will send you pictures of my recent builds

@Lifeloverr one post is enough for a request. Hence closed your other thread. Also, email is fine to post as Contact info…for your sake please dont post your phone number publicly

Ok thanks. Sorry I thought I only did 1 today. My bad

No problem @Lifeloverr

Welcome to the group.

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Yea if ur in Cali u have plenty of people all over that can come and show you how to do it

My previous post I’ve posted that I live in Los angeles, But they BS or scam,each time they would tell me They can complete it within a week … Each time they string me along and after 2 weeks and the board is still nowhere completed I cancel . Looking for someone trustworthy. I’ve purchased everything needed just need the hook up and completion…, [email protected]

Talk to @psychotiller, hes a frikkin superhero, hes built literally hundreds of boards.


Yes Los Angeles County all my parts were purchased from DIY builders. Dual motors 6355 - 190V ,2 VESC small controller and Samsung 12S4P ELECTRIC SKATEBOARD BATTERY EPOWER PACK (SAMSUNG 30Q)

Where are you located?

is the battery already made?

I live in the metropolitan area of Michigan

Look no further. Find a mirror and you will see the most honest trustworthy builder that you can find.

Seriously if you got all the parts, what’s keeping you from building it is your inability to learn from your mistakes.

Start building it and read/search when you hit a roadblock. Make a few mistakes and try not to make them again.

I knew nothing of building one when I started this hobby with a first gen meepo board.

Now i’m running carvon sdr with a battery I built myself.


Best advice ever!

However, there is always a big risk involved.

My first boards were build in a very poor and unsafe way, now that I look into the past I can understand that and bang my head with such rookie mistakes, a lot of shorts, insecure welds, poor solder jobs, overheated batteries, balance wires vaporizing, didn’t know what fish papel and kapton was for, Damn being a first time builder is dangerous but if you are willing to risk you will learn a lot which is the most important thing in this hobby


Preach brother!



Why did you suck so badly on your first build? Not enough reading? Or was there not as much information as we have now? I feel like in 2018 we have so many helpful people and info that even my wife can do it with guidance.

I still have not built my own battery becuase I look at my house and just can’t imagine setting it on fire. I just kept saying I don’t need to get all that supply for one battery…5 pack purchases now :unamused:

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Thank you very much for your reply I have been reading I am stuck on the the ESCI do not know how to reprogram or update the VESC that’s why I mostly lost as far as connection everything else I’ve already have the trucks on pulleys, wheels.