Need someone to print a box for me

I have designed a box and lid I need 3D printed. I have a printer but dont trust it enough to leave running for 37 hours. Anyone have a quicker printer and would be willing to print this for me?

I feel like everyone needs 3d printed parts right now haha. Send me the stl’s And I’ll quote it tomorrow. I have a small order backlog but could print it Tuesday for you

I’m thinking I may print it in pieces and join it after printing.

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That’s possible, just remember it will be weak at the joints

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It’s going on top of the board and will pretty much just act as a dust cover so I think it will be ok. We will see.

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Lol I told him I couldn’t do it cause I don’t trust my $20,000 printer that much :joy:


And I’m also pretty sure I don’t have enough filament for that :joy:

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Should be good then as long as it’s not structural.

@GrecoMan most of the printers I have have been built or modded by hand so I can trust them pretty well

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Even though I can watch my print from a different room with the built in camera I still don’t trust it…

Oh come on @GrecoMan I have an Anet A8 and E10 and I let them run while im sleeping and out of the house, you gotta live life on the edge! Anyways if you still need them printed I have a build area of 220x270x300 and got a couple different colors of PLA as well as PETG.

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+1 I have let my CTC Bizer Dual run for 14 hours overnight no problem :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone willing to print an enclosure for me for a descent price?

Enclosure for what? Battery?

I thought you had a printer?

If you make it in sections you could always abs cement a small sheet of abs to the inside to solidify the seams. That’s what I’d do. I mean. if I didn’t already have a better way to make an enclosure.

I had a printer i had access to but I no longer have access to it. And it’s a battery enclosure.

If you need to join parts together, try friction welding. It works suprisingly well