Need suggestions on my plan

Need advice and suggestion to see if everything would work. Im 15 and on a budget so if you have any more better suggestions about parts etc share it.

Deck- Loaded tan tien flex 2 with paris trucks and orangutang 70mm wheels got sweet deal everything for app 35 usd

Motor- sk3 245kv

battery- 2x 3s 5000mah or 3s 58000 is the difference really much? motor mount- some cheap with pulleys and belts like diys kit but cheaper.

esc/vesc- don’t know yet bur probably a 120A car esc from hobby king or eBay similar to the ftv or something people use. Just to save money otherwise I’ll go with vesc, please come with sugestions on esc

Bms- here is a catch, i know i want one but i don’t know which is powerful enough, do they have an A rating like esc?

laptop charger- som cheap from eBay

housing- Planing on making my own with index cheats and place on opposite sides to get like a boosted board look

remote- winning or mini haven’t disided yet

Need a on off swith but couldn’t find one with high enough rating and the combos with antispark is way to expensive but thats what i want.

thats about it but i wonder, i know 70mm wheels are small but since thats what i have do i really need to buy new wheels just for that 10mm extra? will the difference be worth the money?

and I know sort of where all wires should be connected but if anyone has a complete diagram inc switch, bms, and monitor that would help.


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Looks like you’re on your way. Great deal on the Loaded board and trucks. With the Paris trucks you’re going to want to file out a flat spot so that your motor mount will fit snug. If I’d make any suggestion I’d wait on the BMS till you get some experience under your belt and just create an anti-spark. A BMS is something you won’t want to skimp $$ on. For charging then I’d grab a cheap SkyRC iMax B6, it’s really a work horse in both the drone and esk8 community. Then use the extra funds on getting a VESC. Next, I’d say going with a lower KV motor. How much do you weigh? I’d try the 6354 for a budget friendly motor or a 6374 motor if you want the extra power. Both @torqueboards and @JLabs sell them at their respective stores. Anyhow, I think you’re on the right path. Hope you find what you need and have a great build experience. Take care :slight_smile:

Agree with @nmagz3 on the motor and VESC if you can swing it.

Saving money with standard charger for those lipos (also recommend the iMax B6ACv2 (has AC-DC power supply built in)), instead of BMS if on a budget - good idea.

Trucks - just go with Caliber II’s instead - more mounts and because of their shape, they are “keyed” so the mount can’t rotate - no filing usually needed. I’ve used Paris 195’s before and it was a PITA w/ one motor mount rotating when braking and grinding on the ground - frustrating and never used since.

Wheels - stick with Flywheels - the 70mm wheels are too small and likely don’t have the center hub you can mount your wheel gear to (easily - you can drill/mount, but if off by even a little = wobble!). Just get some Flywheel clones if on a budget - 83mm are a great start if you can clear (avoid wheel bite) for your chosen deck.


Edit - for “good” car esc’s - check out the XERUN/FVT ESC’s. But at that price, i’d go VESC. I see someone selling v4.12 here for $80 - nab one.

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v4.12 is good,

You maaayy want v6 because of the DRV safety features, I burnt one up just doing basic reversing, and I’m sure it would darn near explode if I tried to run FOC. That being said, I did short out my batteries once and bridge the MOSFET gates with the motor pins… :expressionless:

Your choice. I would get a v4.12 if you can, but if you can’t get one for a good deal then v6 should be a real consideration. The integrated NRF is nice, too. :slight_smile:

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It’s not the size - it’s the center hub and how the wheel gear mounts.

Here’s a typical 70mm:

now look at the 83mm flywheel’s hub:

And the Enertion 12mm wheel gear - you can see the press in fit to fit those spoked hubs:

There are a bunch of wheel gears including 3d printed (they wear faster, but if you have access to one…) for ABEC 11 Flywheels and Kegels.

Instead - look through some of the build logs and see how folks wired it up. Two 3s in series for 6s is pretty common, or if you get VESC, you might want dual 4s in series for 8s. If you get VESC, just remember to get a lower kv motor <200kv and 10s or less to avoid exceeding 60k ERPM which kills the DRV chip on the VESC.

Good deal on the Loaded board, where did you get that?

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Thank you all alot then i have to reconcider things, but I can pay for A Good bms because I really dont want to take my batteries in and out every day. Can someone link A Good one?

What Really is the kv? :sweat_smile: I thought the higher the better? So IT depends on batteries? Im 55 kg. I live in sweden bred to be able to climb some hills

Its like a online secondhand shop, depending on the seller may send internationally

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My understanding is that lower kv will effect torque positively at higher voltages but a lower high speed. And higher kv motors have less torque at lower voltages but a higher top speed. But with that formula the community has come down to know 190 kv as a sweet spot. I feel that from what I’ve read at 190kv you sacrafice little from top speed and torque which are both real important. My current set up is 190 kv, 10s lipo, 97mm flywheel clones, & 16/36t pulleys. I weight 70kg and this set up works real well. The torque on my board is great for up hills but I’ve hit a top speed for 30 so far :slight_smile: And trust me, I love the speed. And sacrificing speed is a no no for me :joy:

Thanks really helpful :slight_smile: