Need this specific connector (same colors and number of wires) NYC pick Up

Lol dude why didn’t you say you needed it, I’ll see you at the shop tomorrow :yum:

I can convert your Yuneec ecu connector to be vesc compatible


:joy: Damn! You seem to be a life saver! how much for the adapter already done!!!

Well I need yours to convert, $20 all in You can just bring the ECU, I’ll take the plug off

I took it off already, isolated all wire! i was kind confused about what color goes on which pin on the VESC! Ordered the VESC by the way!

You can just bring that, the cable in the housing, I’ll put on all the connectors and you’ll be able to just plug it into the vesc

Though if I were you ide wait till you get the vesc and then bring it in and I can solder the phase leads right to the vesc and save a ton of space otherwise I doubt you’de be able to fit it in there


Okay cool man! i will do that! it will be on the go, or i will have to come back to get it? also trying plan things!

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Yeah I can do it right on the spot, 15-20 minutes

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Cool! i will appreciate that! See u!

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Hi, I can Stop by any time right?

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Yeah, just before 8

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Damn, I wish I had an @scepterr in my neighborhood! :ok_hand:


Were you able to get it to fit in?

Fit what, where? Vesc into ego ecu enclosure? Nope