Need to charge my batteries in under an hour

Hello, so I just bought all the components for my first esk8 build. The only thing I didn’t buy so far is the charger. I bought these batteries I plan on riding the board to school everyday. My lunch break is just about an hour and I can only charge them during the break. So I need to get 2 5000 mah batteries charged in that time. Can anyone recommend a charger or chargers? I would like to keep it under $50 if that is possible.

You’re looking for a 6s (25.2v) 5A charger. No recommendations from me though.

If you charge batteries that fast they will quickly lose capacity. Slower charge = more charge cycles

So would you recommend getting 4 batteries and charging them the night before?

You mean to run another two in parallel?

no just keep them in a backpack to replace in school

Recommended charge is 1C, 5A = 1C

That is what parallel is :slight_smile:.

But yes I recommend you do that, it will be cheaper in the long run. Make sure you get the exact same batteries that your already using though

Ok. and charging 2 batteries at a time would take about 2 hours right?

Aha, @Jinra builds batteries for a living so he definitely knows better than me, but if I were you I’d still go the parallel route, less hassle of trying to pull out a noisy aluminum charging brick in the middle of lunch

Charge time depends on the charger you use

I was gonna get the B6

If you get a legit one, you can probably charge your original pack in under an hour if you get a Balance lead adapter. That’ll allow you to charge both your batteries at once. A parallel charging board will work too. 5a is 1c so battery life will be perfectly fine. Basically forget what I said about charging at 5a being bad for batteries earlier

So if the two batteries are in series and I charge them with a balance lead They will be good?

Yes, it will not damage your batteries to charge at 5a. And since 2 3s wired in series is still only 5000mah it will take the same amount of time as one battery to charge.

Ok great Im pretty new to all the electricity parts of this but I think im starting to get it.

Haha yea it takes a little while. This is the place to ask if you’ve got any questions

thanks, and what balance adapter will I need. A 3S or a 6S lead?

You got any other questions? I’ve got nothing to do right now and am incredibly bored. I’ve read 17k topics in 28 days :grin:

Yeah I do Ive been wondering if leaving the batteries plugged in to the esc will drain the batteries if the board is just sitting in my locker?