Need to charge my batteries in under an hour

How many miles is your ride to school one way and is it all flat or hills.

Its about 6-6.5 miles. and its relatively flat a couple big hills.

you need a switch or an anti-spark loop key so you can turn the board off while it’s in your locker

ok im using a chinese esc that has a power button built in will that work?

If you have an on/off switch and turn your board off it won’t. That is basically what you need. Just google “3s to 6s balance adapter” and pick one.

YOU MUST CUT THE RED WIRE ON ONE OF THEM TO KEEP FROM DESTROYING YOUR BATTERIES! I have no idea why it needs to be cut or how to wire one of those things but I bet someone like @lowGuido or @Namasaki or @Jinra would know

Ya that should be fine if you turn off the esc with it’s power switch

Oh god that link


Right on que! @Namasaki comes to save the day.

Haha sorry

Thanks. and can you elaborate on what Greccoman said about the lead adapters. And to use them I just plug it into the 6S slot and plug the two leads in to the 3S on the batteries correct?

Sorry to say but you probably won’t make it all the way to school with those batteries running at 6s Your max range will be about 5 miles or less depending on your weight and the length and steepness of the hills.

im about 150

your gonna need more battery

ok ill order 2 more they were only $20

@Namasaki I run 6s 4400mah with single 245kv motor up some 20-30% inclines and get about 7 miles out of it. I’m 145

How long does it take you to use up the battery i wanna estimate how long my ride is gonna be

that is very hard to believe especially the 20-30% inclines. But then I can’t tell what difference your 145lbs would make compared to my 195lbs

12 to 40 tooth gearing is amazing. I also don’t run full speed very often. Average is probably only around 9mph

Ok so chilling out on the throttle will increase range a bit?

I also have some super long downhills that I can actually use regen braking on, I usually only charge my board to about 95% and by the time I’m down the big hill I’m back up to 100%