Need Vesc (Preferably US)

Hi all! Can anyone get me a vesc fast? I need one for my little brothers scooter and the one on ebay came in broken! He’s very disappointed and sad and I hate this feeling. It’s a single motor, but if all you have is a dual… Upgrade potential, right?

Currently running a 13s5p battery on it. All the power in the world for a 7 year old! :sweat_smile: ^^^ only battery I had on hand lmao I was running a 4.12 vesc for awhile but he destroys all my motor wires and grounded it out… KABOOM!

I live in Florida. Please spare me. I’m a broke boy, I’ll try to accept any reasonable offer though. Prices for these damn 4.12 jumped up 4x since this Covid19 stupid crap.

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