Need wired plug

This is the sensor plug coming out of my motor (bought motor from https://). As you can see, I ripped a couple wires out.

Can I get a new one? I can’t just shove the wires back in. They won’t stay. So, I just want to cut off the old one and splice new wires to the old wires. The wires will all be longer then, but that’s fine. Is this the one I need?

RC Sensor Wire JST-ZH 6pin 1.5mm pitch

A search shows a few sources. The one on eBay has different colors in the corresponding slots, but if the plug is the same, I can live with that.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jay

If you can plug the connector directly to the vesc then it’s JST-PH (2mm pitch). If it’s smaller then JST-ZH. Just measure the distance of the pins and then you’ll know.

Can you tell how the plastic of your jst looks now? If the plastic isn’t broken than there is a small nose on the crimp contact. Bending this nose up again could already fix your problem. Maybe. If that doesn’t help than I would get a jst ph 2mm plug instead. It will fit directly into your vesc without adapter. If you solder the new wires on and the wires of the plug have different colors than the one you have installed right now make sure the wires get into the same order (colors need to be mixed than, don’t connect color to color) important are just the outer wires (black, red and white in your picture)

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In your case it would be









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Just plug the loose wires back in, then use some epoxy or hot glue as a temporary fix

Hot glue in an electrical connection :confounded::nauseated_face::woozy_face:

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Alright, but I have a 300w hot glue gun and it makes everything stick :rofl:

It’s just signal wires, but still makes me fell bad. Just don’t use hot glue there, also not for temporary. Not saying it wouldn’t work, maybe, but… just no :joy:

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Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Had never even held the connector up to the VESC. The VESC has two 6-prong receptacles and they’re both bigger than the one coming from the motor. So, the old plug wouldn’t have worked anyway! (didn’t know that) Also, the prongs on the two wires were bent completely flat. When I tried to bend them back, they just broke off, so that’s a no-go.

So, I’ll just order the JST-PH and glue the wires together. (just kidding)

Thanks! Jay