Needed change in battery size required

We need to adjust our size required, to use 80 percent as our normal charge state. And all chargers must have this capability. Otherwise we are throwing away 100 percent too much poisin.

The smart chargers I have seen, have not only the state of charge at 80 or 90 percent, they can turn down the amps. Get even a little bit smarter, and you cant slam the amps in a trailing amount till full.

We could truly revolutionize battery waste, length of service and decrease range anxiety by having the luxury of full charge when needed.

I have been charging to 80 for years. It covers most all my trips and leaving 20 percent whenever I need it.

Plus, it makes charging quick.

We need to change our expectations of batteries and the capability of chargers.

Hell, while I am dreaming, a charger that will handle 14s, and balancing in charger.