Needing help for first build

After some research, I’ve got a incomplete list for the parts. I had another topic before this, but I was busy for a month and I’m trying to build it for a little cheaper. I live in EU

For batteries I think these should be ok : (2x6s 5000mah 30c LiPo-s in series)

Charger : IMAX B6

Motor :

ESC : VESC, but don’t know which one (maybe this : :

Cruiser Deck from Slick Revolution with 83mm flywheel clones and Caliber II clones

For the mechanical motor kit (Gearing Ratio 36/13 maybe?) and mounts I’d really appreciate some help (EU)

Also if anyone could say if the parts are compatible, I would be really thankful.

Thank you

I recommend you to get different VESC than MayTech, it doesnt last…the besc VESCs are Ollin, or Axle…(axle is the cheapest)… 13/36 is too high, 15/36 is more common…you might experience skipping belt…I recommend you to get the motor pulley from alienpower systems, because they have uncommon 10mm motor shaft…the wheel pulley can be 3D printed, there are some guys offering them on forum :slight_smile: Also motor mount can be bought here :slight_smile: just search a little… The charging will be exhuating because you will have to charge your batteries seperately…to make it better get some harnesses to charge them in parallel… You porbably know this…

Ok, thanks. Is the VESC from Diy also good?

Deffinitely better than Maytech, reliable and it can last, but not as reliable as the VESCs I mentioned :slight_smile: IT sometimes has some issues, similar quality to Enertion from what I have heard…

Get a 15t motor pulley from APS. 13t is a bit low with 83mm wheels. Better to invest in a good dual bank charger to charge your batteries individually at same time. Parallel charging Lipo packs is doable but not the best way to go.

Where can you get the axle Vesc ?

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Could you suggest some good dual bank chargers? How expensive are they?

One more question, is there a difference between 170kv sensored alien motor with 12s lipo-s and 192kv Turnigy SK3 with 10s lipo-s?

sensored is always better, lower kv+higher voltage should give you more hill clibing ability…

Ok thanks!

I agree with @aigenic Sensored will be better besides that the Alien motor is designed for Electric skateboard and has a key way on its shaft. The SK3 is not designed for Electric skateboards and does not have a key way.

When you order a motor from Alien, you will have to ask them for a shaft key. They wont send one with it if you don’t ask.

This is the dual bank charger I use, it works very well.