Needing help w VESC Tool settings

So, I recently had a brand new FocBox Unity crap out on me on my second ride. Which has me very paranoid about it happening again, so I’d like to get some input. I have a Trampa build that I’m replacing the dual Hobbywing Max6 ESCs w 2 original FOCBOXes (not Unity). I have 6 - 4s 5200mah lipos that have a 50C discharge rate and a 2C charge rate, it’s set up in a 8s3p setup. I know I need to run the wizard and all, but what I’m wanting help w is all of the stuff you enter after the wizards. After runnng the wizard I have it setup in FOC w sensorless motors, etc. My main question is what do I need to put for the values under the Battery heading (battery current max, battery current max regen)? Also what should I put under the Voltage tab for cutoff start & cutoff end? Bc I’m pretty sure those values are for more like Li-ion and not Lipo.